COLOüRS has a simple purpose: connecting ideas with the opportunities and the talent that will bring them to life. We are a hispanic talent and entertainment company that creates, owns, licenses and produces content properties as well as representing the interest of the talent that makes it all happen. We advise major international talent and brands, leveraging our network and execution expertise to connect our clients with the unique opportunities in media and entertainment that will develop their careers and business interests.


COLOüRS is about people passionate for creating connection experiences between brands and audiences through the things we like the most: Fashion, Arts, Music, Entertainment and Sports (FAMES). We do it through our 3 services:


COLOüRS started as a company that provides communication, advertising and production services to our clients developing impactful creativity, but always with the responsibility of BRINGING IDEAS TO LIFE through world- class production.


Our Talent Management business has the exclusive representation of more than 100 Mexican and Hispanic talents in music, sports and entertainment. CMX is reinventing the % commission business, shifting towards packaging integral projects, from creative development to casting, production, performing and dealing with distribution networks. Our vision is to own content as well as representing its creators.


We disrupted the agency clutter in Mexico through content- generating proprietary Platforms for FAMES audiences. We created our own properties and have secured strategic partnerships with key international best-practices to deliver the best content and ideas to our market.


COLOüRS is based on one simple guiding principle: finding your true passion and then bringing the idea it encompasses to life through collaboration with the right creative talent and network. We value teamwork, independence, diversity and creative freedom in our professional and personal lives. We believe in putting people at the core. As the source of our passions, as the bearers of the talent required to transform ideas into realities and as the audience that enjoys the experience and feeds us back with new ideas.

The People Company COLOüRS has grown fueled by the talent of a collection of diverse individuals brought together by the passion they share for taking their ideas from dream to reality. Our truly unique asset is this group of people and their talent, that is why we call ourselves The People Company.


Our Vision

We started COLOüRS imagining we could make a living doing the things we love. We continue dreaming of a world where work is replaced by netWORK, where collaboration empowers people to think, create, do, share and influence for positive change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish COLOüRS as a content powerhouse in Mexico and Latin America by connecting people with the things they like the most: fashion, art, music, entertainment and sports (F.A.M.E.S.). This landscape provides the perfect setting to build relevant, credible and long-term relationships between people and brands, creating multiple opportunities for value creation by employing platforms and talent as disruptive new media.